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Common Pitfalls

  • Make sure to exclude files and registry entries that aren't a part of the software under packaging.
  • Check the environment variables.
  • Determine is environment variables should be set to replace.
  • Set INI file properties to replace.

Upgrading Packages in Group Policy

  • When upgrading a software package from another group policy, the new group policy must be ahead of the upgraded group policy in the link order (i.e. the new policy must have a higher precedence than the old policy).

Custom Actions

  • For script based actions, I usually choose Stored in custom action.
  • For most actions, it makes sense to sequence them in the Install Exec Sequence after all the other actions.
  • MSI Custom Actions do not support the WScript object model (see the example below).

    Set WShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

    instead of

    Set WShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

  • To only run action during installation, add the following condition:

    NOT Installed

  • To only run action during uninstallation, add the following condition:

    Installed AND REMOVE="ALL"

Converting To Cabs

  • Use WiMakCab.vbs script
cscript E:\Packages\Scripts\WiMakCab.vbs /C /U /S <msi> <cab name>
  • Notes:

Word Count Summary = 2

File Table Attributes = 16384

cabarc -r N *

Query MSI Databse

  • Use WiRunSQL.vbs
cscript E:\Packages\Scripts\WiRunSQL.vbs <msi> <sql>
  • Change all INI entries to overwrite old entries.
cscript E:\Packages\Scripts\WiRunSQL.vbs <msi> "UPDATE `IniFile` SET `Action`=0 WHERE `Action`=1"