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How To Create Windows 2003 Server R2 Images

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Broadcom Driver Problem

For the b57win32.inf file located in the RIS folder, make the following change using a text editor like Notepad:

  1. Locate [Manufacturer] within the file.
  2. Review the line below which reads: %BRCM% = Broadcom, NTx86.5.1, NTamd64.
  3. Modify that line to read: %BRCM% = Broadcom.NTx86.5.1, NTamd64. The change made replaces the comma and space after "Broadcom" with a period.
  4. Save the file.

RIS Server Troubleshooting

If your RIS server doesn't respond to clients, make sure the RIS service is set up properly by running "risetup -check" from a command prompt. If things still don't work, follow the instructions in Microsoft's Technical Guide to RIS to put the RIS server in debug mode. The instructions are on page 70 of the document, though MS Word counts it at page 74. You'll basically want to edit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Binlsvc\Parameters and add a REG_DWORD key named "Debug" with a value of "0x80FFFFFF" and then restart the binlsvc service using "net stop binlsvc && net start binlsvc" at a command prompt.

You'll then find a file at %SystemRoot%\Debug\binlsvc.log that you can open with Notepad. Open it and verify that you have AnswerRequests and AllowNewClients set to true. If either is false, use adsiedit.msc to navigate to the RIS server and get properties on the folder with a name similar to "CN-YourServerName-Remote-Installation-Services". Change the attributes netbootAllowNewClients and netbootAnswerRequests as needed.

Note: It may be possible to skip the above step by obtaining properties of the RIS server through the Active Directory Users and Groups tool and setting the correct properties on the "Remote Install" tab.