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This page documents the steps necessary to create a bootable WDS "discover" CD, which allows someone who cannot PXE boot the ability to use WDS by booting a the Windows PE image off of optical media.

  1. Open a Windows PETools command prompt window (as administrator) and the WDS management console
  2. In the WDS management console, select a boot image to create a discover CD from
  3. Right-click that boot image and select "Create discover boot image"
  4. Give the wizard a file name and deployment server to use
  5. The wizard will export the boot image, which may take a few minutes
  6. Using the PETools window, create a temporary Windows PE build environment by typing "copype <arch> c:\winpe" (<arch> is the architecture to use; generally "x86")
  7. Move the exported discover image to the newly-created WinPE environment. The file name should end up being c:\winpe\ISO\Sources\boot.wim
  8. Type "oscdimg -n -bc:\winpe\iso\boot\ c:\winpe\iso c:\winpe.iso" - this will result in an iso image
  9. Burn the iso image to a CD (or DVD)
  10. [optional] Delete the c:\winpe build environment
  11. [optional] Delete the c:\winpe.iso CD image