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To integrate a boot driver using the DISM tool, follow this procedure:

  1. Locate, download, and extract the driver to a known location.
  2. Follow the instructions to [[../Mounting WIMs with DISM|mount the WIM image]]
  3. Use the following syntaxes appropriate to the situation:
    • If only one driver is to be added, execute: "dism /image:<mountDir> /add-driver /driver:<pathToDriver.INF>"
    • If multiple drivers are to be added, ensure that they are all located in the same directory and issue: "dism /image:<mountDir> /add-driver /driver:<driversDir>"
    • If multiple drivers are to be added but they are in a subdirectory structure (e.g., c:\drivers with subfolders c:\drivers\net and c:\drivers\sata), issue: "dism /image:<mountDir> /add-driver /driver:<driversDir> /recurse" to add all drivers in the stated directory and all subdirectories.
  4. [[../Mounting WIMs with DISM|Unmount and save the WIM image]].

A production example of a driver operation: "dism /image:..\..\wimMount /add-driver /driver:\\\deployment\staging\drivers\network\VBoxPCNet"

You can also list all of the drivers in a particular image: "dism /image:<mountDir> /get-drivers"