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This document outlines how to manually create a discovery image. An automated wizard may be easier and can be accessed by right-clicking a boot image within the WDS management console and selecting "Create discover image". Additionally, more documentation is available at [[../../../Creating Bootable Discover CDs|Creating Bootable Discover CDs]]

  1. Follow the instructions to [[../Mounting_WIMs_with_DISM|mount the image]]
  2. Open Notepad using elevated/Administrator privileges and enter in this information:
    %SYSTEMDRIVE%\sources\setup.exe,"/wds /wdsdiscover /WdsServer:<DNSNameOfWDSServer>"
  3. Save this file as "windows\system32\winpeshl.ini" in the image's mounted directory.
  4. [[../Mounting WIMs with DISM|Unmount and save the WIM image]].
  5. Deploy the resulting WIM using your preferred method - such as copying it to the OIT PXE servers for deployment through PXE-all, or burning it to a bootable CD for use in computers that cannot PXE boot.