Active Directory/Documentation/Windows 2003 R2 and Printing

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Step 8: Troubleshoot Print Management

Client side

If you are using a firewall with Print Management, some or all of the printers on a network print server may not be displayed. To solve the problem, add File and Printer Sharing to the list of exceptions in the firewall software configuration. For example, in Windows Firewall the setting is on the Exceptions tab.

To display all of the printers on a network print server when using a firewall

  1. Once File and Printer Sharing has been added, click Edit.
  2. In the Edit a Service dialog box, click Change scope.
  3. In the Change Scope dialog box, select Any computer (including those on the Internet).

Server Side

Make sure the account in your MMC has administrative privileges over your Print Server. [perhaps only Print Operator is required? Need to confirm.]