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OIT has made it possible to print using the WolfPrint accounted printing system sans "NDPS/Pcounter or any other Novell/Client-32 dependent technologies." The steps below outline one way to configure and automate deployment of WolfPrint managed printers into a Windows based WolfTech AD managed computing lab via Group Policy, Startup, and Logon scripts.

  1. Setup the Computing Environment:
    • Add to DNS Suffix Search List via Group Policy (Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network/DNS Client -> DNS Suffix Search List)
    • Set the WINS server addresses to the OIT WINS servers (, via Startup script (see 'TEX-Enable WolfPrint Accounted Printing' and set_wins_servers.vbs)
    • Disable the 'Point and Print Restriction' policy (User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Control Panel/Printers -> Point and Print Restrictions) (see 'TEX-Enable WolfPrint Accounted Printing'). This allows unity users to add printers hosted on print servers outside of the WolfTech domain (e.g. 'wolfprint' server)
  2. Add the WolfPrint Printer Connection (via Logon Script) (see policy 'TEX-Wolfprint-tx-2104-1'):
    • Add the printer connection (do not use FQDN to the wolfprint server) (see add_printer_connection.vbs)
    • (Optional) Set the default printer (see assign_default_printer.vbs)

Note: The policies referenced above utilize both Startup and Logon VB Scripts to accomplish their tasks. You can download the scripts here: WolfPrint Utility Scripts