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In the past, the ECE Teaching Labs used common class accounts to login to the computers. To improve security and consistency across campus, a new system is in place to allow students to login using their UnityID and password. Students whose accounts existed before this new system must synchronize their password using the Unity Password Change Tool. Students are automatically notified by email if they are enrolled in a class using an ECE Teaching Lab and have not yet synchronized their password.


To synchronize your password, use the Unity Password Change Tool located at You can synchronize your password by "changing" your password to your current password (enter your current password for both current and new password fields). If more than 6 months have elapsed since you last changed your password, or if your password does not meet complexity recommendations, you should take this opportunity to choose a new password.


By changing your password with the Unity Password Change Tool, you synchronize your password across many computing systems, including the ECE Teaching Labs. It is necessary for you to synchronize your password because your last password change occurred before this system was created.

Please Note: Failure to synchronize your password *before* the first class will result in your inability to use the computers in the ECE Teaching Labs.