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Classifications of patches and their configuration / deployment on the WolfTech WSUS server.

Automatically Approved Update Classifications

The WolfTech WSUS server has been configured to automatically download and approve for installation the following update classifications:

  • Definition Updates

Manually Approved Update Classifications

The following classification of updates are downloaded to the WolfTech WSUS server but are not approved for installation without minimal testing by IT support staff. Unless critical circumstances arise, these patches will not be approved until after each month's "Patch Tuesday" and will be accompanied by an email to the OU Admins:

  • Service Packs
  • Updates
  • Feature Packs
  • Tools
  • Critical Updates
  • Security Updates
  • Update Rollups

Unapproved Update Classifications

Updates that are classified as 'Drivers' are not downloaded to the WolfTech WSUS server.