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The In-Tray is like an email inbox. It has all the entries you've sent out, all those that have been added to your calendar, The window automatically opens when you open Oracle (default option that can be changed), but if you close it:

  1. Open the File menu
  2. Choose Open
  3. Click In-Tray
    • Oracle1.GIF


To decide whether you want the in-tray to open up when you open Oracle:

  1. Open the Tools menu
  2. Choose Options...
  3. Double-click on General
  4. Click Startup
  5. Check the appropriate box, you have three choices
    • Open In-Tray
    • Do not open In-Tray
    • Open In-Tray if it was open last exit
    • Oracle2.GIF
  6. Click OK at the bottom

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