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NCSU Computers

If you don't have Oracle on a University Computer, please email us at to get set-up with an account.

Home Computers

To install Oracle Calendar on a home computer:

  1. Go here to download the install file for Windows
  2. Go here to download the install file for Mac OSX
  3. Log in using your unity ID and password
  4. On the pop-up window, click Open
    • Install1.GIF
  5. When the Windows Explorer window pops up, click on the cal_win_1012.exe file (it should be the only file in the folder you can see)
  6. When the Installer window pops up, click Next
    • Install2.GIF
  7. Click Next
    • Install3.GIF
  8. Click Install
    • Install4.GIF
  9. Click Finish
    • Install5.GIF
  10. Oracle is now installed on your computer

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