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Need to specify O/S in the submit script

Add the following line to your existing submit file, depending on which O/S you want your job to run on:

Requirements = (OpSys == "LINUX")

Requirements = (OpSys == "WINNT51")

Requirements = (OpSys == "SOLARIS27")

Universe: Standard or Vanilla – What is the difference?

Condor has several runtime environments (called a universe) from which to choose, while submitting jobs. Of the universes, the two commonly used ones are the standard universe and the vanilla universe.


The standard universe allows a job running under Condor to handle system calls by returning them to the machine where the job was submitted. The standard universe also provides the mechanisms necessary to take a checkpoint and migrate a partially completed job, should the machine on which the job is executing become unavailable.

To use the standard universe, it is necessary to relink the program with the Condor library using the condor_ compile command.


The vanilla universe provides a way to run jobs that cannot be relinked. There is no way to take a checkpoint or migrate a job executed under the vanilla universe. To access the input and output files, jobs must use Condor's File Transfer mechanism.


Only supports vanilla jobs

Solaris and Linux

Support both vanilla and standard universe jobs.

To specify the Universe:

Universe = vanilla


Universe = standard
  Article created by Ravi Venkatesan of the CESR Research group