DFS Architecture

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DFS Roots



Used for IT related files

  • Software
  • Packages
  • Development Files
  • Internal Documentation


  • Flat design to minimize file path length.
    • files\coe and files\ece, not file\coe\ece.
    • Packaged software doesn't like paths longer than 260 characters.
  • Each departmental OU (department or college) receives a DFS link in the root of files.
    • For example
      • ECE Department - \\wolftech.ad.ncsu.edu\files\ece
      • College of Natural Resources - \\wolftech.ad.ncsu.edu\files\cnr
  • Each departmental link can have multiple sub-links.
  • Replication can be enabled at the request of the departmental OU.
    • Requires at least 2 file servers.
    • Replication group should be delegated to departmental OU Admins group.



Used for research storage system

  • In planning...


  • coming soon...