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GuardDog is a tool designed to manage the access privileges of users for multiple areas (directories on the webserver).

Access to areas is controlled at both user and group levels. By adding a group to an area you subsequently give access to this area to all users that are a member of this group. It is still possible, however, to individually deny access to an area at the user level. When you deny a user access to an area, even if that user belongs to multiple groups that have access to this area, the user will still not be allowed to access this area. That is, user deny restrictions override group access privileges.

Overview of how GuardDog works...

GuardDog, basically, is a tool that creates .htaccess files to define which users can access a webserver directory. Management of users and groups and their access to areas is a fundamental part of controlling access to an area, but before any restrictions will be in place, you must create a symbolic link to the .htaccess file that GuardDog generates and place this symbolic link in the webserver directory that is to be protected.

Once a symbolic link is created in the directory of the area to be protected, any changes made to the access privileges of this area in GuardDog will be reflected immediately. That is, you do not have to recreate the symbolic link or update any code in the protected area for the changes to go into effect.

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