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The Matlab vendor, the MathWorks, has agreed to permit the College of Engineering to install Matlab/Simulink on student-owned computers for students enrolled in COE curricula or COE courses, provided ITECS controls the installation. This is a pilot project within the COE only and does not apply to students enrolled in curricula or courses outside the COE.

Students can have Matlab/Simulink installed only at the ITECS helpdesk. They will need to schedule an appointment via the link below, bring their computer and All-Campus card to the ITECS helpdesk at the scheduled appointment time, and sign a Matlab/Simulink Student Use Acceptance Form.

Matlab/Simulink and the Optimization toolbox will be installed by default. If faculty will require one or more specific toolboxes for a course and we have sufficient numbers of concurrent licenses for those toolboxes, they will be installed at the time scheduled by their individual students. Faculty will need to email with the toolboxes and their course and section number(s) no later than Friday, August 25.

The students must take their computers to the ITECS helpdesk at 200 Page Hall at the time of their scheduled appointment. Faculty should direct their students to to schedule their Matlab installation.