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OK, so you're in Algeria and your computer just stopped working... (we're not kidding -- this has happened).

Problem: I can't send email

  1. Are you using authenticated SMTP.NCSU.EDU to send mail (make sure that your client is authenticating to the server)?
  2. If that fails, use the NCSU VPN client, then try sending emails. Should be on your laptop (if not, let us know when you get back and we'll install).
  3. And if ALL of that doesn't work, the failsafe is

Problem: I can't login to my computer

One of two things happened:

  1. You didn't login to your computer oncampus before you took it offsite
  2. The local IT guy (please don't listen to these people) said you had to change the 'workgroup' on the computer before you could access their resources. And when you did this, and restarted, you saw all of your software being removed when it came back up...

Solution... hrm. Not so easy. Call us. We'll be creative.