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Need instructions on CVS/Subversion at NCSU.


[18:00] <djgreen> ergh. CVS server request... seriously, I'm with Corley on this -- central CVS needed. 
[18:01] <macolon> central subversion I think is perhaps what you mean?
[18:01] <djgreen> one, both, can't tell. 
[18:02] <djgreen> user says CVS, I say CVS
[18:02] <djgreen> was under the impression that Subversion was just one of many CVS servers/clients
[18:07] <Billy> The main stumbling block so far is delegation
[18:08] <Billy> but no, subversion and cvs are different:
[18:09] <Billy> I think there is an add-able cvs setup in AFS already, and if a group needs it, they could just put the repo in a locker.
[18:09] <djgreen> oh, CVS is a brandname. Didn't rezalize. 
[18:09] <djgreen> there is "Add cvs" ... just no docs that I've found.
[18:09] <djgreen> thats what we've pointed people at in the past. 

[09:20] <jacorley> if you have access to a cvs client (either via add or a local cvs install) you can do cvs+ssh without the need for anyone to do anything
[09:21] <djgreen> ssh tunnel to the ITD CVS server?
[09:21] <jacorley> um... what?  there's no server in the cvs+ssh scenario
[09:21] <djgreen> sry, not a big user of CVS... the CLIENT is the one doing the revisioning?
[09:22] <jacorley> basically the steps are CVS has to be in the user's path on whatever system they're logging in to
[09:22] <jacorley> on the local system they're ssh'ing from, they run (assuming tcsh)
[09:22] <jacorley> setenv CVS_RSH ssh
[09:23] <jacorley> cvs -d :ext:username@server:/path/to/repo cvscommand
[09:23] <jacorley> i.e. if I'm using to access a CVS repository in AFS:
[09:24] <jacorley> cvs -d co module
[09:24] *** Sherry Li has returned ().
[09:24] <jacorley> no server required, access is client to filesystem, tunneled over SSH
[09:25] <jacorley> although if memory serves me correctly there can be locking issues with CVS and AFS
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[09:25] <djgreen> hmm... and if the client is Windows -- any chance of it using the Wolfcall paths "J:"? Or ssh prefered again?
[09:25] *** Rob went away (helping user, back in 5 ).
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[09:27] <jacorley> if it's a path the local system has access to no ssh required
[09:27] <jacorley> just cvs client and write access to path
[09:27] *** bpcarty has left the conference.
[09:27] <djgreen> hmm. ok.