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Every night a cronjob runs that pulls information from Sybase into local tables on the ECE MySQL database servers. The following tables, in one form or another, are currently being pulled. The data in these Sybase tables is cleared nightly, though the table structure remains intact.

Creating New Sybase Dumps

  1. Create a table in the Sybase database
  2. Edit the file sybase_data_pre and add the line that you want to populate/repopulate with Sybase information.
  3. Depending on which Sybase database the information is being pulled from open up either:
    1. sqsh-sybextract-new
    2. sqsh-sybprod-new
  4. Add the query you want to run along with the others that are currently in the file
    1. Note: It is important to name the temporary text document that the data is being pulled into the same name as the destination table
  5. Edit the pipleline-sybase-new file and add tablename.txt to the end of the mysqlimport line
  6. Run ./pipeline-sybase-new on the cron server to populate the table