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The Electrical and Computer Engineering curriculum is designed to allow each student the opportunity to gain knowledge and complete comprehension of all concepts in this field. The variety of courses offered ensures that each student is knowledgeable in each facet of electrical and computer engineering and is prepared to handle the demands of an engineering career. In addition to course offerings, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is also able to see that these demands are met by maintaining teaching labs, technical support staff, modern computing equipment, and industry standard software.

The primay purpose of the teaching labs is to provide students with the necessary resources to study electrical and computer engineering. They also provide students with experience using specialized equipment and software they will encounter in industry.

To accomplish these goals, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering maintains 17 teaching labs. All labs have scheduled times of use. To request a time slot, contact ecehelp@ncsu.edu. These labs provide students with state-of-the-art equipment designed to teach the students many practical skills. There are approximately 140 computers in the labs and a variety of other equipment, including oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supplies, and function generators. For more information on each lab, click the links the the left.