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What is TownCriCal

TownCriCal is an extension for the TownCrier web application. It allows you to sync external calendar applications that support the iCalendar file format, such as Outlook and SunBird, with the TownCrier calendar.

How TownCriCal Works

TownCriCal can be accessed from Because of differences in how programs interpret iCalendar files, there are two versions of TownCriCal. The default is intended for SunBird and other programs that use the same parsing method. The alternate, accessed at, is intended for Outlook and other programs that use the same parsing method.

Choosing Calendar Feeds

TownCriCal links to TownCrier calendars by their section identification number. TownCriCal can accept either a single number for a single calendar, or a |-delimited list of numbers for multiple calendars. For example, if you wanted to link to the ECE Calendar and the CESR Calendar, you would use (depending on your program type)|190


If no identification number is provided, TownCriCal defaults to the ECE Calendar.