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  • Calendar entries are off by an hour.
  • Subfolders aren't listed in alphabetical order
  • You can't change the time/date for imported events on your calendar... you "aren't the owner".
  • What's with the BCC on everything? Need to get this sorted out... Seriously annoying when reading AND reply-all.

Things I've had to do to make the new client useful

  • Add the preview pane to the bottom.
  • Remove the "show attachements" in the preview pane (too much space).
  • Reply button hidden on the right --- needs to be moved to see it.
  • View>Display Settings>Edit/Create is your friend... but you have to do this for your calendar seperate from your email view... allows you to remove the quickview on just calendar.

Things to Note

  • You hit delete, its GONE... moved to Trash immediately.
    • DANGEROUS!! I've almost deleted the wrong message multiple times now; you hit delete, then its gone and you're put on the previous message -- need to remember to go up (or down if default settings) b/f deleting the next.
  • Client keeps forgetting my column sizes and which ones... have to move them each time, the order, and extras beyound the 3 default.
  • Sort order keeps changing back to default.
  • I already miss Outlooks' autogrouping -- sort by user lets me delete all in Outlook...
  • Creating calendar appts --- forget to add youself to the meeting? Need to know to go to Sent, retract and delete, then start over.