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  • Show them Remedy Reports -- ask for them to create new version using API.
  • Merge calls feature
  • Product-specific autoreply
  • Allow a solution to be associated with a specific product and have that product set automagically when the given solution is chosen.
  • Ability to restrict product list per queue (help remove the extraneous options)

  • <abstein2> doesn't force the product ID
  • <rjhodson> text parsing
  • <abstein2> it'd be nice to be able to increase the popped out textbox size and increase the font size in it
  • <abstein2> also: attachments
  • <rjhodson> put new information at the top instead of the bottom
  • <rjhodson> maybe make the new entry separations stand out more i.e. the
(Friday June 20th, 2008 - 5:36pm - Demo ----------------------------------------------------------------------)

<rjhodson> if you're still taking ideas for remedy client improvements, being able to drag-and-drop and multiple select attachments would be good... also not having to click through to another window just to save them would be good too ---

Note: Start using history, not text/diary? Even though users can't see text while the call is under us, if it moves to another queue, THAT queue might not have it locked down and the user can now see your comments. History is NEVER exposed.