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  • all IT admins need to:
    • be subscribed to NAG/SysNews/Engr-SysAdmins
    • have a jabber account and auto join the ConfRms
    • have an Oracle Calendar account AND USE IT!
  • all departments must have a standard "help" email address that points to a Remedy queue and there must be policies in the dept requiring that it be used; all ITers should forward anything sent to their private email
  • We need a central IT support site -- this may require that we have common support environments first
    • You need to start putting ECE specific sections of the wiki into obvious visual containers so allow others to more easily use the WolfTech site.
  • Every department needs to use MDB to maintain their inventory.
    • Yes, it has issues but its better than the alternatives.
    • MDB needs to be used to clean out QIP
      • Essential that we clean out QIP to get a better idea of the real numbers in the departments
  • SysAdmins should NEVER register a computer with another department's DNS domain. If your domain isn't listed in a subnet you need to use, have ComTech add it before you register the computer.
  • All NCSU owned (this includes purchases on gift, research, ETF, state, etc accounts) computers running Windows MUST be joined to the WolfTech domain. Administrative rights will be provided whenever needed or requested by a faculty member.
  • We need to examine why RHEL can't be used across the board AND FIX IT. Or move to an alternative linux for the entire college -- and perhaps authenticate off the domain rather than the KDC if we decide to do so.
  • We need to look at how we can start centralizing and automating Macintosh support. The fact that they've managed to remain a non-issue is simply dumb luck and the sheer minority of their presence.
  • All IT department require access to an all-staff, all-faculty, all-ras/tas list for their department AND should be using it OR we need a college wide set of such lists that should be used to communicate IT issues that affect the college.
  • Each SysAdmin should be provided basic computer support equipment and supplies (OR ACCESS TO A CENTRAL LOCATION -- expand the workshop if we centralize over here?).
    • computer(s) to work from (multiple if supporting multiple OS/environments)
    • secure space to repair computers as needed and for storage.
    • cables, spare components, etc.
    • management software
    • testing equipment -- cable tester, power supply tester, etc.
  • All new computers MUST be purchased with a 3yr warrenty. Need to look at the price differences/option to make this a 4 or 5yr warrenty. Perhaps differentiate between laptops and desktops (the latter tend to be around longer). Not all manufacturers have 4/5yr options.

Dept Needs noted from Meetings

  • MAE -- Windows automation, Linux + Cluster support
  • TEX -- Macintosh support
  • CCEE -- Windows support, Macintosh + Linux support