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Current Status of SAN

Virtual Servers -- 500GB/500GB

IT infrastructure -- 1TB

Research -- 1TB

  • massive growth expected

Backups -- 1TB

  • currently loaned to CNR for development
  • will replace NBP client for staff
  • move AD server backups here as well

Research Path


<unit> -- refers to those hosting the fileserver/storage Initial units would be:

  • ece
  • bme
  • itecs
  • cnr

Units will then need to identify the layout underneath the \<unit>\ level. We need to identify two initial breakdowns to start with. Suggestions include:


  • where <subunit> is a department


  • where <unityID> is the facultyID


  • where <unityID> is an identifier for the individual projects. These would need to be readable... perhaps including the sponsor name, and a faculty suggested 'short' project name (which we'd have them enter when requesting the space initially). \\wolftech\research\ece\darpa_laserscope\ for example. We'd have to make sure the system kept all sponsorname/descs unique -- though that shouldn't be difficult.

There is a worry that having a massive list of projects would cause issues, but Pat feels that most people will either create links to their space, or map drives directly to it, rather than following the full path down to the project.