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All NC State students, faculty and staff automatically receive Unity computing accounts (or Eos accounts for engineering students). This account gives you access to many computing and Internet resources at NC State.

What is Unity and what does my Unity account provide?

Unity (also known as Unity/Eos, Eos/Unity and the Realm) is a distributed computing environment for academic computing at NC State. Your Unity account provides:

  • Email services and 30 MB of IMAP file space (IMAP quota)
  • 50 MB of personal network file space to store files or post Web pages
  • Support for personal Web pages
  • Use of Unity computing labs with high-speed Internet access
  • Remote access, by SSH (for secure remote access), ftp or telnet
  • Free use of many popular commercial, discipline-specific and public-domain software packages
  • Access to your student records and other online student services, including Registration, Housing and Financial Aid.
  • Help Desk for technical support

What do I do first?

  • Read the most up-to-date version of the rules and regulations at Everyone who uses NC State's computing and network resources must abide by the Administrative Regulations issued by the Chancellor and the Office of Legal Affairs.
  • Find out your login ID and password.
  • Change your password as soon as you receive it and at frequent intervals at
  • Install AntiVirus Software - free to NC State students, faculty and staff.
  • Learn how to keep your student records and account information secure.
  • Set up your email account.

Where can I access Unity?

  • From your own personal computer
  • In Unity computing labs - open to all with Unity/Eos accounts
  • In other computing labs on campus
  • From on-campus housing via ResNet
  • From off-campus using the Internet
  • From University Towers
  • More Unity account access information

How do I use Unity?

  • Unity/Eos Windows 2000 Workstation Tutorial Windows 2000 computers in Unity labs provide direct access to Unity/Eos file space
  • Unity/Eos Unix Workstation Tutorials Extensive tutorials; includes needed Unity/Unix commands, how to save to a "floppy" and more
  • Unity/Eos Mac Workstation Tutorial Macintosh computers in Unity labs provide direct access to Unity/Eos file space
  • Guide to Eos and Unity Computing Online version of College of Engineering manual ( 2001-02 edition)
  • Software in the Unity/Eos realm - See also software agreements.

What Unity email services are available? All Unity/Eos computing accounts include IMAP email services. You can check your email on campus by logging in to a workstation in any Unity lab and using the email software provided on the Unity/Eos network. You may also check your email from home. See below for information on how to configure your home email software for IMAP services.

  • Understanding email addresses
  • University's Online Directory includes NC State email addresses for most faculty, staff and students
  • Email Savvy - advice from Computing Services consultants on how to use email well
  • IMAP at NC State
  • IMAP-compliant email software
  • Setting up your email software
  • Getting Started with Webmail at NC State - check your email while traveling.
  • Webmail Tutorial

What additional resources are there for faculty and staff?

Obtaining more file space:

  • Unity lockers and locker policies
  • Locker application form
  • How to access and use locker file space

Setting up and managing an email list:

  • General information on lists
  • Managing a list
  • Email List Services - Majordomo2 Web Tools

What is Eos?

  • Help
  • Unity/Eos Manual
  • Unity/Eos Software

Are there indexes to Computing Services guides and tutorials?

  • Subject Index to Guides and Tutorials
  • Alphabetical Index to Guides and Tutorials

What other resources are available?

  • Basic Unity troubleshooting
  • Help Database
  • Help Desk - contact Computing Services consultants
  • Campus Computing Resources
  • E115 Online Course - Eos Basics
  • FOLDOC - a Free Online Dictionary of Computing terminology
  • The WWW Acronym and Abbreviation Server for help with computer acronyms
  • System news from Eos/Unity Systems Administrators
  • Free copy of Anti-virus software - mandatory for ResNet