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Pros and cons of each machine to help you make a decision.

Your decision should be based on how well a laptop computer will suit your lifestyle and your needs on campus. A laptop's mobility is appealing, but since you will be spending long hours using your computer, you may wish to consider either a desktop or an external monitor and keyboard for your laptop. Laptops are also more vulnerable to theft. If you purchase one, keep a separate record of its serial number (including the Ethernet address of your Ethernet card, if you have one). Consider engraving your driver's license or ID number on all computer equipment you bring to campus. Campus Police can assist in engraving this equipment. Along with the purchase price consider the repair and maintenance costs associated with laptops versus desktops. Laptops tend to cost more to repair and may be more vulnerable to damage from being dropped. And they are generally less capable and less upgradable than desktops.