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What does your Unity account do for you? What does your Unity account do for you? Upon becoming a member of the NC State University community, Computing Services automatically generates a Unity account for you, providing you with:

  • an email account
  • 50 MB of personal file space
  • access to university computing and online resources.

Your Unity login ID and password are required to access computing workstations at NC State University and other university-based online resources. For example, you may

  • modify personal contact information
  • review and compose email
  • submit homework assignments
  • register for classes
  • view academic transcripts.

How are your Unity login ID & password created? The convention we use for creating individualized login IDs is usually as follows: 1st initial of your first and middle names 1st six letters of your last name Note that your login ID is in lower case. Example: Name: Robert Louis Stevenson Example login ID: rlsteven Example password: 123456789 What if this doesn't work? For example, the login ID for John Smithfield (who has no middle name) would most likely be jsmith followed by a numeral, e.g. jsmith2, and not jsmith. The numeral replaces the sixth digit of the last name.

Password Your initial password is your Social Security number without any spaces or dashes, but you should change this right away to something that is more secure, such as a combination of letters and numerals. Note: Your password is case sensitive and must be typed exactly as you originally created it. How do you make your password more secure? At least once per semester, you should revise your password to something other than your Social Security number. To do this quickly and easily online, visit: