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Mozilla is a free open source web application suite. You can download the application from and install it on home or office pcs. The following are Extension Information Technology's recommendations for your Mozilla preferences.

  • 1. Load Mozilla and select Edit -> Preferences.
    • Click on the main menu items in the panel on the left of the Preferences window.
    • Click the right-pointing arrow just to the left of the menu word to display the menu of choices within any main menu category (Appearance, Navigator, Composer, etc.)
  • 2. Click on Appearance in the panel on the left of the screen.
    • Modify the Appearance settings for Fonts and Colors to fit your personal preferences.
    • Themes are a Mozilla feature that let you change the look of buttons, menus, and other items. Various themes are available from Mozilla development sites. The Modern theme has been selected for the county Linux systems because of its display quality on the office x-terminals. If you are using Mozilla on a pc, you may wish to experiment with downloading other themes.
  • 3. Click on Navigator
    • In the Home Page section of the window, enter the web site address for the home page you wish to use.
    • Select the buttons you wish to see in the Navigator toolbar.
    • Click on Internet Search (under Navigator in the menu panel). Change the default search engine to Google.
    • Click on Downloads (under Navigator in the menu panel). Change the default for "When starting a download" to Don't open anything.
  • 4. Click on Mail & Newsgroups on the panel at the left of the window.
    • Select the buttons that you want to see in the Mail & Newsgroups toolbar
  • 5. Scroll through the remaining menu items under Mail & Newsgroups in the panel, and set your preferences. Some suggestions:
    • Under Message Display select Display emoticons as graphics if you prefer to see graphic images of emoticons like smiley faces.
    • Under Composition
      • Forward messages: Inline
      • Select Automatically quote the original message when replying then choose your preferred reply option from the drop down list
      • (Select Check spelling before sending. PC Users will have to install the Mozilla 1.4 SpellChecker to enable this option. See for details.
      • Select Confirm when using keyboard shortcut to send. Note: the keyboard shortcut for sending a message is +. This option protects you from inadvertently sending a message before it is completed.
    • Under Addressing o Change the option for Email Address Collection to Collected Addresses
  • 6. Click the [Ok] button in the Preferences window to accept the preference selections that you have made.