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The Mozilla Profile Manager appears when a person tries to start Mozilla. There are two reasons that this may occur. First is that the person has a Mozilla process running. Second there are two or more profiles in Mozilla's preferences. The steps below should be used to stop the Mozilla Profile Manager from appearring.

  • 1. Click the Exit button to quit Mozilla.
  • 2. Start KDE System Guard.
    • Click the start button
    • Go to Utilites
    • Choose KDE System Guard
  • 3. Kill all Mozilla processes,if found. The processess are listed as mozilla.bin
  • 4. Start Mozilla

At this point if Mozilla starts normally then you are through. Anytime Mozilla presents the Profile Manager when starting Mozilla please exit and check the KDE System Guard and kill any Mozilla processes that are running. If the Mozilla Profile Manager appears again then you have two profiles established in Mozilla. The process for removing the unwanted profile is below.

  • 1. There should be a profile that has the login name of person. Click on the profile that has the login name.
    • If no profile exist named with the login name then e-mail the Helpdesk at or call at (919) 513-7000.
  • 2. Click the Start Mozilla button.
  • 3. Start the Mozilla e-mail window.
  • 4. On the menu find Tools and click on it.
  • 5. Under Tools find Switch Profile and click on it.
  • 6. The Manage User Profiles window will come up, click the Manage Profiles button.
  • 7. Click on the profile that is not the one named for the login name, Default User is most common.
  • 8. Click the Delete Profile button.
  • 9. Click the "Don't Delete Files" button.
  • 10. Click on the profile with the login name
  • 11. Click the Use Profile button
  • 12. On the menu go to File and choose Quit.
  • 13. Restart Mozilla. Mozilla should start normally now.