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During the month of March the NCSU Libraries is conducting a trial of a new e-books product called Safari Tech Books Online. Over 200 computer and IT handbooks from O'Reilly and other major publishers are included in this product.If, at the end of the trial, we decide to subscribe, we will lease a subset of the available books for a year. Please distribute this information to the faculty and students in your department. Ask them to contact me with their general impression of the product and the specific titles they recommend be leased.

To log on please click on

If they have any questions, comments or concerns ask them to contact me.

Thank you for your help.

-- Orion Pozo, Collection Manager for Engineering Email: Instant Messenger: FOrionPozo Tel: 919-515-7557 Fax: 919-513-1108 NCSU Libraries, Box 7111