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Topics to be covered: What makes for effective web-based teaching?

Goals: To be able to use the web as a means of conducting educational programs.

Skills needed: File Management, and a basic understanding of the HTML Level 1 skills.

  • What tools are available? What do you need to use them? What are the limitations?
    • HTML
    • E-Mail
    • Images
    • Animated GIFs
    • Chat
    • News
    • Listservers
    • Threaded Discussions
    • Audio
    • Video
    • JavaScript
    • CGI Scripts
    • Java
  • What is good web design?
    • Identify the real problem or need.
    • Identify the audience.
    • Know what you expect them to learn.
    • Use activities and methods that accomplish the objectives.
    • Make sure it is accessible from browser your audience is using.
    • Use colors to enhance the readability of the pages.
    • Organize the site so it is easy to navigate.
    • Pages should load quickly.
    • Use graphics that serve an educational purpose, create interactivity or clarify a statement.
  • How do I make it effective?
    • Have a clear purpose.
    • Keep it tightly focused.
    • Engage the learner.
      • Allow learners to react to situations.
      • Create ways for learners to interact with each other and you.
      • Give the learner a variety of teaching tools to choose from.
      • Allow the learners to interact with the learning environment.
    • Make appropriate use of a variety of media.
  • Develop a team to teach online.
    • Why?
    • How?
      • Barriers
      • Aids

John Dorner, IV / North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service /