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What is DHCP?

DHCP stands for "Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol".

Why do we use it?

DHCP's purpose is to enable individual computers on an IP network to extract their configurations from a server (the 'DHCP server'). These servers have been primed with your computers ethernet address and await a request for an IP. The overall purpose of this is to reduce the work necessary to administer a large IP network. We don't then need to manually change each of your computers network information each time we change or adjust our backbone.

In order to setup your Windows NT machine to DHCP you need to take the following steps:

1. First right click on the Network Neighborhood icon on your desktop and click on Properties. If you do not have a Network Neighborhood icon on your desktop simply click on the Start button and goto Settings, Control Panel, and click on the Networking icon. The workgroup should read ECE and your computer name should be provided to you by an administrator.

2. Next click on the Protocols tab, highlight TCP/IP Protocol and click Properties.

3. Make sure that the button marked with Obtain an IP address from a DHCP server is checked. Then click on the DNS tab and make sure all of the fields are clear. The "generic" hostname will be provided to you by an administrator.

4. Now click on the WINS Address tab and check the box labeled Enable DNS for Windows Resolution.

5. Now click OK and you are finished.

Jason Doss