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Backing Up the Raw Pictures

1. Plug the camera into your computer using the USB cable. Turn the dial to the green symbol that looks like a triagle surrounded by a box. Turn the camera on.

2. Open the camera's folder: G:\Removable Disk\DCIM\100OLYMP\.

3. Open locker \\\files\ece\images\2007\.

4. If pictures are taken by anyone other than webteam, they should go in a folder under that photographer realm ID, otherwise, create a folder based on the event name and date.

5. Drag all pictures from folder opened in 2. to folder created in 4.

6. When copying has finished, go through the pictures on the remote location (\\\files\ece\images\) and remove any that are totally unusable (IMPORTANT, do this before erasing pictures from the camera in case you delete a picture you should have kept).

7. Select all photos on camera (G:\Removable Disk\DCIM\100OLYMP\) and delete them.

8. Disconnect the camera and turn it off.

Preparing the Images for Coppermine

1. Copy the entire folder from the remote location to your desktop.

2. Open the folder on your desktop and go through the pictures one by one keeping only those you will put on the gallery. Now is also a good time to fix red eye, rotate, trim, adjust exposure, etc. If you fix one, you'll get a dialog box asking for details of the save (you'll get this later as well when you get to step 3). Use the following options: Quality-8, Format-Baseline("Standard"), Preview-checked.

3. When you have gone through all the pictures and have only the keepers in the folder, you will need to resize them all. We use a standard 1024 width for all pictures on the gallery. This must be done to reduce the file size to a point where Coppermine can handle it. I recommend setting up an automated process in Photoshop to do this.

Inserting the Pictures into the Gallery

1. At the beginning of each year, request a new locker under /afs/eos/engrwww/ece/gallery/albums/ for the current year. If the year already exists, drag the folder of pictures from your desktop to the current yeear folder on the website.

2. Delete the desktop folder of pictures.

3. Point your browser to click on "Admin Login" and login to Coppermine

4. Click on the "Albums" button, click on the album name just BELOW where you want the new album, then click "New".

5. Change the name of the album from "New Album" to the Event Name, a dash, then the month and day of the event.

6. Click "Apply Modifications" then click "Continue" on the return page.

7. Click the "Batch add files" button. Caution: it takes some time for the next page to come up.

8. When the list of folders comes up, scroll down to the one you've most recently placed in the albums/<thisyear> folder and click on it.

9. Next you will see a list of picture in the chosen folder and a pulldown of available albums. Choose the album you just created and scroll to the bottom of the page so you can uncheck the "thumbs.db" file.

10. Click "Insert selected files" and wait.

11. Only when you have an "OK" graphic for every picture should you click on the "Album list" link (top left) to view the completed album.

12. If you're unhappy with the album thumbnail (and I often am since by default it's just the last picture taken), you can change it by clicking on the "Properties" button for the album.