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The ApplyYourself site requires that you change the user password every 60 days. If you fail to change the password or make a mistake in this procedure such that the wrong password is being used, AY will eventually lock GradWatch out of the system. You will need to call 1-800-526-3313 (select option 1) in order to get the account unlocked. An automated calendar reminder set for every 8 weeks (giving you a margin of four days) is handy.

Step One: Open the listed GradWatch files

  • ece/tools/gradwatch/devFaculty/defs.php
  • ece/tools/gradwatch/faculty/defs.php
  • ece/tools/gradwatch/devOffice/defs.php
  • ece/tools/gradwatch/office/defs.php
  • lockers/admin/ece/cronjobs/gradwatch/GW_init.php

Step Two: Find the line define ("AYPassword","<currentpassword>"); // Old: <oldpassword>

Step Three: Move the <currentpassword> into the <oldpassword> space but do not save the file (do this in each open file)

Step Four: Login to ApplyYourself using the Client ID "ncsu-grad", the User ID "ece5" and the current password. Click on "Manage My Profile".

Step Five: Generate a new AY password using the criteria below

  • Passwords must contain at least 6 characters (a minimum of 13 is our standard)
  • Passwords must include at least one letter and one number
  • Allowed characters are a-z, A-Z, and 0-9. No symbols may be used.

Step Six: Enter the current and new passwords on the ApplyYourself "Manage My Profile" page and click "Submit".

Step Seven: Save all the open GradWatch files.

Step Eight: Test GradWatch to verify that you can get a student's AY application