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Removal from mailing lists

1. Browse to MailClerk tool:

2. Select realm ID from pulldown list

3. Click on each list the person is subscribed to

4. Click on "Admin"

5. Click on "Approve" check box

6. Click "Submit"

7. MailClerk will email the commands sent

8. mj2@lists will confirm action taken on commands

Removal from directory

1. Browse to PHPMyAdmin:

2. Select database "ece'

3. Select table "users"

4. Find realm ID in field "userid"

5. Click on "Edit" button

6. Change field "rotation" from "y" to "n"

Removal from global access permissions

1. Browse to GuardDog Managers' Tool:

2. Click on "Manage Groups" tab

3. Find person in each group they may be a part of

4. Click on "Edit" then "Configure which users are members..." of relevant groups

5. Click to move person to denied users

6. IMPORTANT: Click "Propagate Group Changes"

Note: You may wait for Human Resources to remove the person in the automatically generated groups, this takes about three days

Note: You must remove the staff member from rotation (See "Removal from directory") before removing global access permissions

Verification of Complete Removal

1. Telnet to port 22

2. Change direcotries to ECE root (cd /afs/eos/engrwww/ece/)

3. grep -r <realm id> .

4. Wait a while, this global search should check the whole ECE directory tree