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Accessing UNITY File Space

  1. Make sure you are running MacOS X 10.3.0 or newer and that you are on a working, reasonably fast (DSL, Cable, etc) network.
  2. Make sure that you have created a local account on your Macintosh with the same Short Name as your Unity id. If you do not know how to create a user on your Macintosh see Apple's Technote No. 86545: Mac OS X 10.3: Adding a New User Account to Your Computer.
  3. Download and run the OpenAFS for NC State installer package from here
  4. Restart when the installer finishes
  5. Run Mount_AFS from the Applications folder
  6. Enter your local, machine owner/adminstrator username and password when asked
  7. Enter your Unity id and password when asked
  8. An icon for afs should appear on your Desktop
  9. If not contact the ITD Help Desk at 515-HELP or