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OS X and the Firewall

  1. Open up your system preferences.
  2. Click on Sharing
  3. Click on Firewall
  4. If the firewall is off, start the firewall by clicking Start
  5. Select which services you want to allow from the list. The first 7 services can only be turned on if their associated services are turned on in the Services pane
  6. To add a new rule, click New
  7. Select a service from the drop down menu next to Port:Name or select other to specify your own
  8. Enter the appropriate port numbers and descriptions and click Ok
  9. To edit a rule, select it and click Edit
  10. To delete a rule, select it and click Delete
  • By default, all incoming services are turned OFF when you enable the firewall
  • For more information, click on the ? on the Firewall pane