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  1. Determine courses you expect to use the labs this upcoming semester.
    • Some courses traditionally use the labs. Some are in TRACS, some aren't.
  2. Email to determine additional courses that intend to use the teaching labs.
  3. Plan teaching labs assignments using spreadsheets
    • L:\Labs\Software In the Labs.xls
      • A listing of what software needs to be installed in each lab.
    • L:\Restricted\Lab Usernames.xls
      • A listing of courses, assigned lab, level of access, instructor, and TAs.
  4. Setup software and user access in Active Directory.
    • Add lab's Computers group as a member of software groups.
    • Add managed course group (includes instructor(s)) as a member of the lab's Users or Administrators group.
  5. Setup managed course groups using WTMG.
  6. Setup password synchronization notifications.
    • Add group to wolftech_myit.tlab_crs_groups.
      • For ECE, notification_id=2. For CNR, use 3.
    • Notification emails are located in wolftech_myit.notification_emails.
    • Notification emails are sent out every Monday at 6PM.
    • Monitor password synchronizations using the Password Sync Monitor.
  7. RIS the labs.
    • Make sure to reboot the computers several times using Hyena.
  8. Test the computers.
    • Log into one computer in each lab
    • Run the software with the same level of credentials as the students.
  9. Send out Lab Ready Notification to course instructors.
  10. Setup TA/Instructor access
    • Give TAs and instructors card access.
    • Add TAs as a member of the lab's Users or Administrators group (same access as students).