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The mission of Administrative Computing Services is to provide the campus community efficient and effective access to the University's administrative information by:

  • Providing application development and support for University administrative applications (student systems; receipt-supported departments via contract programming);
  • Developing specialized applications for various functions with Finance and Business in order to maximize emerging technologies;
  • Being the custodian of University administrative databases;
  • Providing database administration and data warehousing functions for supported databases;
  • Providing and maintaining the University's administrative computer infrastructure;
  • Providing connectivity to administrative applications, other data sources within the University, and non-university specific business applications external to the University;
  • Providing maintenance and backup support for external departmental servers;
  • Providing assistance to customers in support of the administrative environment via the Solutions Center;
  • Maintaining security for administrative applications;
  • Providing production support for the batch and online administrative environments;
  • Providing support for electronic exchange of information;
  • Conducting research on new technology including the PeopleSoft environment;
  • Coordinating Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning efforts; and
  • Working closely with other University units to ensure optimal capability of the University to conduct its business.