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Information Technology Division supports eight Unity computing labs, which are open to all NC State students, faculty and staff who have active Unity/Eos accounts.

Troubleshooting Even the most prepared lab user can run into problems. Before you leave in frustration, or decide to do your Maple by hand, let's see if we can solve some of your problems.

  • Are others having similar problems? This may mean that the problem is system-wide. If so, information about it is posted on the Sysnews Web page: * SysNews ( This Web page will let you know if something major is going on.

If not, then you will want to look closer to home. Before you contact the Help Desk, you should have some information handy.

  • Can't access certain labs/resources? Access to certain labs and resources (such as TRACS) is limited to certain people. People not affiliated with the College of Engineering, for example, cannot access the COE labs. The Hesiod Information entry within User Lookup ( lists the resources you have access to. Generally, currently-enrolled students will have an access group similar to the current semester, such as "spring", "sum", "fall." This gives them access to the Unity labs.

People affiliated with a specific college or department may also have a departmental access, which will look like "pams_spring", "tx_staff", or a similar abbreviation. This will give them access to that department's labs and resources.

  • Did this work? If not, try this. * Can't access online courses? Only registered members of courses can access the online information from WolfWare, WebCT, WebAssign and other online course sites. The Current class schedule section of User Lookup ( lists all of the courses that the University thinks you are registered for. If the course you're trying to access is not on the list, then you will not be able to get into the site. Go to TRACS or speak to your instructor about getting registered officially for the course.
  • Can't get your email? If you are not receiving email, you may have requested mail forwarding in the past. That information is shown under the Email configuration heading. Also, you may not have enough space in your IMAP account to save your new mail. If the information under the IMAP Quota Information heading in User Lookup ( indicates this, then you will need to delete old mail before you can read your new mail.
  • Can't print? Inability to print is a common problem in the public labs. More often than not, it is really a lack of print quota. WolfCopy, a division of University Graphics, maintains the printers in the Unity labs and charges lab users to print from them. Your current quota, as well as the amount that you have used, is listed under the Print Quota Information heading of User Lookup (
  • Can't save files? All campus Unity accounts are allotted 50 MB of disk space for storing files. This space has many names, depending on what type of computer you are using: o ~ (or home) on a Sun UNIX workstation o the K: drive on a Windows workstation o "Home" on a Macintosh lab machine When you run out of disk space, you will be unable to save files and may get errors about preference files not being saved when you log out. On the first line of the AFS Volume Information section of User Lookup (, there will be a number followed by K On-Line. If that number is close to or more than 50,000, then you are in danger of quota-related problems. You can resolve this by deleting any unnecessary files. Lab Locations There are currently eight Unity labs on campus that all NC State students, faculty and staff with active Unity accounts are able to use. While many people choose to pick a favorite lab, at times you may need to know where the others are located. Also, you may want to know when they are open and available for use. The links below will assist you.
  • Unity Labs: Locations and Hours of Operations If you are not using a Unity lab, and need assistance, visit the Campus Based Computer Labs Web page to find the contact for their technical support staff. Workstations Getting into a machine is only good if you can use it once you're there. Listed below are tutorials on the various computing workstations in the Unity labs.
    • Unity Windows 2000 Workstation Tutorial
    • Unity/Eos Unix Workstation Tutorials
    • Unity Mac Lab Help Policies

While the Unity computing labs give you access to a lot of applications and resources, there are regulations that govern computing use at NC State, both in and out of the labs.