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Print Quota is approved by ITS. The only approved methods they use at the moment are the yahoo store, and some ancient direct credit card charge thing, that has no tracking and would put more of the onus on us if there were problems. The Yahoo store basically lets us "hand off" the responsibility to Yahoo. =D It's not cheap. But... WolfCopy does more than enough business with it to make up for it. Something like $99 a month and they take a small percentage cut of the profits (1% of every transaction). They have options that are like, pay more per month for them to take less of a cut, or pay less per month and they take a larger chunk, but yeah. There's also one other major flaw with Yahoo stores. It's not accessible. They made some ugly design decisions in their order form layout and such and there's nothing we can do about it. I brought this up with the ITS rep and he never bothered to get back to us. So, we -must- have a live person to take orders because of this, otherwise we are failing accessibility requirements. The 'ancient' method basically involves you writing all of the code and passing "charge this credit card this amount" to an app on ITS's end. It's free, no charge per transaction, but again, it also puts the entire onus on you.

All in all, the Yahoo store has been working great for us, I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the negatives. =) And we don't have to foot the bill for the monthly charges and such, that's alllll purchasing/materials management.