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NC State has many resources for web development. These incude webspace for college, faculty, student and organizational use.

Web development tools are available in the computing labs via Novell Application Launcher (NAL). Tools include

  • Netscape Composer
  • Dreamweaver
  • Acrobat
  • Photoshop

Central groups offer a variety of web services, including:

  • web site hosting
  • design and development
  • streaming media delivery

The Learning Technology Service offers a range of services to faculty, including:

  • workshops
  • tools
  • seminars

In addition, LTS sponsors the Instructional Technology Assistant Program (ITAP), which offers students and staff members the opportunity to learn how to create course web sites for instructional faculty. All NC State faculty, staff and students can serve personal web pages from their Unity home directories by creating a "www" directory, setting access permissions, and putting their web pages there. All users must adhere to the Computer and Network Use Regulations and Rules when publishing web pages. Users may not post material that results in commercial gain or private profit, overload the University computing equipment or systems, or involve sending or soliciting chain letters and unsolicited bulk mail. Additional Resources Guide to WolfWare On-Line Course Management System Unity Locker Space Rules and Procedures Project Locker Application