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PureMessage is a server-side filter than can be activated and configured through WebMail. Server-side filtering allows messages to be screened based on many criteria, which can allow for much more efficient filtering of Junk Mail.

To enable these filters:

1) Open your web browser and go to

2) Log in using your Unity ID and password.

3) On the menu along the top, click on Filters.

4) Click on the Add a New Rule box.

5) Under Condition, the Rule-Type should be Header Match.

6) The Condition for following rules should be OR (Either item will match).

7) Set the first two lines to match the following (The "YES" must be in all capitals):

The header X-Spam-Flag contains YES 
The header X-Virus-Detected contains YES 

8) Under Action, select Discard Silently.

9) Click Add New Rule.

10) Your filter will now discard emails which are identified as spam, or contain a virus.