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On the Linux systems, PDF files can be created from any postscript document. PDF files can be read in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

1. Create the postscript document from StarOffice:

  • Create file
  • Print to File (Select File -> Print, click the print to file box, enter, click OK)

2. Create the pdf file from the postscript document:

  • The User Menu method works for files stored in your home directory (/home/userid/):
    • Go to the user menu (Select K -> Utilities -> User menu)
    • Select the option Create a pdf file
    • Enter the name of the postscript file that you created in Step 1. This will create a new file named filename.pdf and delete the postscript file you created in Step 1, o Note: if the postscript file is stored in a subdirectory within your home directory, include the subdirectory name when you enter the filename, e.g. subdirectory/
  • The Manual method works for files stored in any of your directories, including the shared directory:
    • Go to command shell (Select K -> Utilties -> Shell) and change to directory where is saved
    • type and enter ps2pdf filename.pdf where filename is the name of the postscript file that you created in Step 1
    • With this method you will need to manually delete the postscript file By: Janyne Kizer, System Programmer Administrator