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A signature file is your personal information that is appended to an email or enews article when you are sending or posting a message.

County CES staff should include the following information in this file:

  • your name and title
  • North Carolina State University
  • North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service.

You may also want to add your

  • phone and fax number
  • mailing address
  • e-mail address
  • home page URL.

Your signature file must be in text format, so you should not use a word processor like MS Word or StarOffice Writer to make changes to this file.

On the county systems, you can follow the steps below to make these changes: 1. Load NEdit

  • On the County Linux systems, click on the K menu, select Applications, and then select NEdit from the submenu

2. Open your signature file

  • File, Open... select the file: ".signature"

3. Edit your File

  • Make changes to your signature file as desired.

4. Save your changes

  • Once you are finished editing your file, select File,

Save By: John Dorner, IV, Area Specialized Agent, Information Management