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Correctly naming files will help facilitate moving between different computer systems. When we move to a different computer system (whenever and whatever that may be) it will help if your files are named correctly.

This means replacing or removing all filenames that have "unfriendly" names. Doing so will also help you when you try to use files at home or share them with others.

What is an unfriendly filename? Simply put, it is one that contains characters that may be interpreted differently by different computer systems. Ideally, to make your filenames as compatible with every system you would reduce them down to the DOS naming convention of an eight character filename and a three character extension (8.3) with the extension identifying the file format. And using only letters ("a" - "z"), numbers ("0" - "9"), and underscores ("_") in the filename.

The reality is that eight characters are not enough to adequately name a file and it is okay with most systems to use longer file names. However, you can adequately name your files with the DOS character restrictions. If you replace spaces with underscores, the names are very readable.

Rather than waiting until the announcement that your new system is on the way, start now by naming all new files correctly. When you open a file with an unfriendly name, save it with a friendly name.

And easiest of all, delete those old files that you haven't opened in years and have no use for any more.