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Hackers are compromising Windows PCs on campus at an alarming rate. In almost all cases, they are exploiting known security holes that you can prevent.

Hackers exploite default file sharing configurations to enter these computers that had no Administrator password.

Once a hacker gains access to your computer, he usually uses it to attack other computers on the network. So if your computer is vulnerable, you also become a danger to others on the network.

To recover from the hacker compromise, you usually have to completely wipe the disk and re-install Windows and all your software. That is a great waste of time. In addition, a malicious hacker can wipe out your important documents

It is strongly recommended That you:

  • Use strong passwords on all Windows computer accounts!
  • Install security patches regularly.
  • Disable Windows file sharing, or setup correctly.
  • Install and regularly update anti-virus software.
  • Protect against e-mail viruses.
  • Use PCLeland and Samson for secure logins to campus servers.
  • Don't run unnecessary network services.
  • Run a security analyzer to test your computer.
  • Regularly backup your important computer files.
  • Apply special security fixes for Windows XP.

Macintosh computers are rarely compromised by hackers, both because the operating system design is more secure and because the Macintosh gets less hacker attention. UNIX and Linux systems can be vulnerable, because they typically run many network services and thus are regularly probed by hackers.