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When you open your Mozilla email, you are prompted for your password. There is a check box to "Use Password Manager to remember this password."

EIT recommends that you do not check this box, as it exposes you in the case of someone getting access to their system. It is an individual judgement call. If you do check this box, you should know about the potential consequences.

On a PC/laptop this opens the door to much mischief if the equipment is stolen. On the Linux system, it would allow others to check your mail if your system is left in a logged in state, unattended without locking your terminal.

If you have Mozilla remember your password and later you change your unity password, you will need to tell Mozilla to forget your e-mail account's password before it will let you get your mail.

To do this, (and to manage other passwords you have had Mozilla remember):

  • Select Edit->Preferences->Privacy & Security->Passwords
  • Select [Manage Stored Passwords]
  • Select the item "imap://" and then click [Remove] Mozilla will stop sending your old password and prompt you for a new password.

Mozilla will offer to remember any password you enter into any form. Allowing Mozilla to do so reduces your level of security. Be very cautious which passwords you allow Mozilla to remember for you. Anyone with access to your computer or account will be able to access the protected sites without your password.