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Step-by-step instructions to help you map your computer to a network drive.

  1. Click on Network Neighborhood with your right mouse button. Click Novell Map Network Drive. The following screen appears:
  2. Click the down arrow beside 'Choose the drive letter to map' and choose S:
  3. Click Browse beside 'Enter the network path to the resource'. The following screen appears:
  4. Click the plus sign beside 'NCSUNDS'.
  5. Click the plus sign beside 'NCSU'
  6. Click the plus sign beside 'Services'
  7. Click the plus sign beside 'locker.ent'
  8. Click on Shared
  9. Click Ok.
  10. Click beside 'Check to make folder appear as the topmost level'.
  11. Click beside 'Check to always map this drive letter when you start Windows'.
  12. Click Map. The 'Shared' window appears.