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How do I schedule Norton AntiVirus update automatically?

Q. How do I schedule Norton AntiVirus to download the latest virus definitions automatically?

A. The Symantec Norton AntiVirus program has an update schedule tool that will allow you to automatically update your virus definitions.

  1. Open up Symantec Norton AntiVirus from your Start Menu.
  2. Now choose File > Schedule Updates from the toolbar at the top.
  3. A window will pop up that may have a default schedule set. Make sure that the option "Enable scheduled automatic updates" is selected.
  4. Press the Schedule button.
  5. On this screen you should manually select Daily as the frequency level and a time that you wish for Norton to automatically retrieve virus definitions.
  6. Press OK and exit the program.

Note: You may need the latest version of NAV in order to follow these directions. We also recommend that you run a Full Virus Scan, especially if you think you may have a virus.

Finally, you should periodically check for the latest Windows Critical Patches and have them installed on your computer. Many of the new viruses can infect your computer as soon as you connect to the internet. See our document on Windows Update for more information.